Product Description

Responder Series Home Security Safes are a great way to secure expensive or cherished family items in any house or apartment dwelling. There is always the threat of an unexpected fire or neighborhood burglary and a Responder Series Home Security Safe ensures peace of mind knowing that your cash savings, important documents, passports, jewelry collection and heirlooms, etc. remain safe and secure. They have either electronic or combination dial locks and come pre-manufactured with a convenient anchor hole inside the bottom surface of the safe and thus can be bolted to the ground for added security. Produced in convenient sizes and a heavy duty weight range, they are the ideal home safes for anyone looking for a higher security safe at an affordable price.  Owning a Responder Series Home Safe means you have a safe built to last that will provide your family’s important items a high level of protection with reliability/ease of operation and little to no maintenance needed for years of hassle free peace of mind.

Our Responder Series Home Security Safe comes in three special sizes fit for an individual or a family conscious about securing their irreplaceable valuables. This safe comes equipped with our private label features that include the following specifications:

  • Door and body of 1½” to 2½” thick reinforced walls comprising of high strength metal clad plates with inner body infused with molded fire retardant composite material.
  • High Security Combination Mechanical Dial or Electronic Key Pad locking system.
  • 1 1⁄4” diameter chrome plated locking bolts with pre-lubricated bolt work for a smooth locking system.
  • Thick textured exterior paint finish with smooth feel that adds increased durability and resistance to environmental elements.
  • Heavy Duty Tri-Spoke Safe Handle with a Stainless Front Fascia Plate.
  • Interior Adjustable Shelving and Tray for Easy and Orderly Arrangement of Valuables.
  • Pre-Manufactured Anchor Hole for Optional Surface Mounting.