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A First Security Floor Safe offers hidden security for your valuables without using the space of a freestanding safe. When a floor safe has been properly installed, it gives you exceptional burglar-proofing as well as fire resistance. Whether for your home or business, a floor safe can be installed in your lowest floor and easily be covered with a rug or light duty piece of furniture so that keeping it hidden and accessing it remains simple. Floor safes can be easily concealed and offer strong burglary protection since they are embedded in concrete and the only exposed part is the top door which is very strong against sophisticated attacks. Floor Safes from First Security come in a variety of sizes that allow you to stay within your security budget. From round door to square door to round body, First Security Floor Safes are very accommodating for different applications and come in pull out door and hinged door options. No matter which Floor Safe you choose, remember to consider First Security professional floor safe installers when it’s time to secure your new safe in your home or business. It never hurts to work with a company you can trust to complete your floor safe installation in a discrete and professional manner.

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TLSafeco Floor Safes are used by homeowners and retail businesses for protection against burglary and fire and come in a wide variety of sizes and designs to match your needs. You can choose from either a square, rectangular or tubular shape model, all of which will offer strong and dependable burglary protection when installed properly underground. Our common models have the following specs:

  • B-Rated Super Brute Models with 1/2″ thick steel door and 1/4″ thick steel body.
  • C-Rated Models with 1″ thick steel door and 1/2″ thick steel body.
  • Rectangular doors can either be equipped with High Security Group II Mechanical Combination Dial Lock or High Security Electronic Key Pad Lock. Round Doors usually have either the typical High Security Combination Dial or Keyed Lock (most models can be produced with a depository slot if needed).
  • Doors can either be a Lift-Out (for round & square door), Hinged or Gas Shock equipped for soft and stable support when opening/closing heavy duty rectangular doors.
  • Includes a door cover to protect the lock mechanism from dirt and conceal the visible surface/door of the safe more effectively and allow for the safe to be evenly flush/level with floor.