Product Description

Kingdom USA Sterling models are First Security’s top-of-the line defense against burglary and fire. These are special edition TL Rated safes with additional advanced features in the number of locks the safes come equipped with, more advanced two way boltwork and further glass relocking protection. The Sterling models have earned the U.L. label TL-30 rating against high powered hand tools for cutting, drilling and prying. Fire resistance is assured by the composite design and construction of the safe’s exterior and interior walls which were attested by the manufacturer’s two-hour fire resistance test label.

The Sterling models are equipped with two high security locks giving it advanced features when compared to other similar brands. One combination lock has a key locking mechanism so that the safe may be locked by key only for use during normal business hours and then double locked by a second lock with configuration of your choice. This dual lock set-up not only offers advanced security but has the important useful optional feature in requiring two people needed to be present to open the safe.

Kingdom USA’s Sterling Safe models are First Security’s premium top of the line defense against burglary and fire. These models have earned the U.L. TL-15 and TL-30 labels based on maximum strength and durability and is a must for jewelers and other businesses that require insurance coverage on their inventory. Fire resistance is assured by the composite design of the safe’s walls and attested by the certified 2-hour fire resistant label. Door has 3-way bolt work mechanism and the back panel is equipped with an additional fire barrier which could be elegantly covered with velour fabric. Kingdom USA Sterling Safe models are optionally equipped with two combination locks, one combination lock has a key locking dial so that the safe may be locked by key only for use during normal business hours and then double locked by the dual combination locks overnight. These combinations can be set on different numbers which then could require two persons present to open the safe for dual custody if necessary.

Additional features found on First Security Sterling Safes:

  • U.S. Made – Total solid door and body protection of 3¾” thick defense barrier protection of exterior hard plates and inner steel plates. This defense barrier called Super Secura is a proprietary amalgamation of steel nuggets and fibers that is filled together with high compression strength concrete on-cast mixture to form a solid monolith safe that is tested to withstand concentrated attacks of various tools used by burglars today. The whole body is also enclosed with a mixture of high density fire resistant composite material to fight the threat of fire.
  • Equipped with a UL Listed S&G Group II High Security Changeable Combination Mechanical Dial Lock which is protected by a massive drill shattering hard plate on the door and a Punch Resistant Dial Spindle.
  • Equipped with High Security Triple Locking System with 6 to 10 – 1½” diameter solid steel locking bolts with optional three-way bolt work mechanism and a spring operated bolt detent system.
  • Unlike other TL30 safes, this Sterling safe is equipped with an optional Auxiliary Lock that functions independently for day control and dual protection.
  • Includes 1 to 4 Interior Adjustable Steel Shelves depending on the model and a nice shade color interior finish.
  • Great looking Stainless Steel Fascia Plate on the Door with our logo that resembles Kingdom USA Sterling Safe standard of quality.
  • Various sizes to choose from with an attractive high quality textured paint exterior finish complemented by Chrome Plated door handle and Triple-Spoke Lock Handle.
  • Door hinges are made with large heavy duty commercial grade steel blocks with self lubricating ball bearings to handle a smooth and easy repeated open/close action during operation.
  • Models come in both TL15 and TL30 ratings.