Product Description

The Kingdom USA Royal Vault has earned the prestigious UL Rated TL30x6 certification for burglary resistance in addition to passing the test for 2 hours of fireproof protection. The Kingdom USA Royal Vault line of TL30x6 safes have earned one of the highest level of protection certifications offered here in the USA due to its unsurpassed features and ability to withstand the most concentrated burglary attacks on the door in addition to the five-sides of the body and therefore are considered more burglary resistant than UL Rated TL30 safes.

If you’re part of an industry with a high risk of burglary– such as the jewelry business that needs insurance coverage for high dollar value of inventory – take every precaution possible with a TL30×6 rated safe model from First Security Safe Co. Taking the impenetrability of the TL30 safe, the TL30×6 feature extends this incredible protection equally to all six sides of the safe. It can therefore withstand a sophisticated attempt at penetration from any direction and at the same time provide adequate fire protection. A TL30x6 safe from First Security is a lifetime investment that pays for itself for years to come in terms of safety, reliability and protection of your valuables.

The Kingdom USA Royal Vault is our superior US made safe engineered to perfection. Having earned the distinctive UL rating TL30x6 label, its immense strength and durability is undoubtedly a vault unmatched and proven by the following standards:

  • Overall door thickness of 5½” with 3″ thick solid door and body cladding of outer and inner hard steel plates with protective proprietary high density inner composite material called
  • Super Secura consisting of steel nuggets and grid fibers cast in high strength reinforced concrete on all six sides to withstand most modern day burglary tool techniques known to man.
  • Standard equipped with two Locking Mechanisms of desired preference of either a U.L. Listed Group II High Security Mechanical Combination Dial Lock with Punch Resistant Dial
  • Spindle, a High Security Electronic Key Pad or a High Security Key Locking System.
  • The Solid Door has Optional Interlocking Three-Way Bolt work with 1½” diameter heavy duty chrome plated solid steel bolts that sits deep in the bolt housing.
  • Optionally equipped with a Glass Plate with Multiple Auxiliary Locks that act as a Relocking Mechanism when triggered.
  • Has 2- Hour Fire Resistant Protection to withstand an 1,800 degree fahrenheit fire.
  • Various sizes are available with included adjustable Interior Shelves.
  • Narrow and Shallow designs are available to allow access to most standard doorways and office spaces.
  • Comes Equipped with Heavy Duty Tri-Spoke Lock handle and large Door Handle for easy handling.
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Solid Block Hinges with Lubricated Ball Bearings designed to absorb abuse from repeated door opening and closing to ensure smooth door operation for years of use.