Product Description

The Responder Series Commercial Safe is our advanced line of heavy duty commercial quality fire and burglary protection safes designed more specifically for small to medium size commercial offices and establishments not in need of a TL Rated Safe, yet looking for a large amount of space for their inventory. Newly designed and manufactured from the ground up by our safe experts and engineering team, this safe provides higher than standard security and burglary protection features with substantial weight characteristics, yet is lighter than TL Rated safes making them an appropriate choice for the protection of fairly moderate amounts of valuables such as petty cash, jewelry, expensive watches, collectible coins, important files and other inventory of concentrated commercial value.

For the protection of paper documents, this series provides two hours of fire protection, more than adequate for commercial and private home use. These safes currently come in two popular large sizes and have a dual lock protection option. The Responder Series Commercial Safe is also a perfect safe for businesses needing larger safes that are currently not on the ground level of commercial buildings that have lighter duty/weaker elevator capacities.

First Security Safe’s Responder Series Commercial Safe is simple yet functional and has standards ahead of the competition for safes in its class. Safes have the following features:

  • A solid protective door thickness of 2-5/8″ thick and 3/4″ thick body consisting of steel plates encased in a fire resistant proprietary composite material that is 2- Hour Fire Resistant.
  • Standard equipped with a High Security Combination Mechanical Dial or Electronic Key Pad Lock with option for an Auxiliary Key Lock for double lock protection.
  • Precise door edges surrounding the front to resist prying attack.
  • Locking mechanism is equipped with 6 – 1½” diameter solid steel locking bolts with horizontal and vertical bolt work and a spring loaded bolt detent system.
  • Includes 4 to 6 Interior Adjustable Shelves depending on the model.
  • Large Chrome Plated Door Handle and Tri-Spoke Lock Handle.
  • Two popular and user friendly commercial size models currently available. Currently comes in light grey shade textured exterior finish.