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First Security Depository Safes are ideal for any business owner in need of a safe where you can easily drop excess cash or the day’s deposit from a number of cashiers. A First Security Depository Safe is a safe any business owner or commercial operation should consider an important layer of safety and security for your store or office. Our depository safes come in a wide range of designs and sizes, so we should generally have one that is perfect for your business’ exact needs. A depository safe allows your employees to store excess cash right on site with ease.

Our most common models are built as either top loading, which means a rotary hopper is used to drop items on top or front loading which requires a depository door or open slot with interior “fish proof” baffles to protect the interior of the slot in front of the safe. We have depository safes that can withstand incredible force providing you with additional peace of mind. Experiencing high turnover in employees or a high risk of armed robbery? From restaurants to 24- hour convenience stores, gasoline stations and high end service companies; a depository safe can be a key part of your security. First Security Depository Safes are designed for storing excess cash on-site with ease and immediate security for protection against unexpected events like robbery and internal theft allowing quick deposit and secure storage without access inside a safe. First Security Depository Safes generally come in manual combination dial and quicker access electronic locks for convenient combination changes that can be done in house or dual key locking system for dual user functionality purposes.

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First Security Depository Safes provide a means of immediate secure deposit for cash and miscellaneous valuables. Although they do not have fire resistant thick walls like composite safes, they are still regarded as a quick protective solution against both internal and external theft of excess cash and is a good way to organize and monitor a day’s collections. Various features of these safes are described below. Note however that as with all depository safes, they are not fire resistant and are light duty and as such is not advisable to keep extreme amounts of cash/valuables inside for long periods of time.

  • Standard built of 1/4″ thick heavy gauged welded steel plate construction in various compartment configuration and lock options.
  • Common drop openings can either be Top Loading (with Anti-Fishing Baffle), Front Loading or Reverse Hopper with provision for 2 or more separate doors.
  • Equipped with either a High Security Changeable Combination Dial Lock, Electronic Key Pad Lock or a Dual Key/Custody Locking System.
  • Pre-Manufactured Anchor Holes for Optional Surface Mounting although bolt down is generally considered a must for Depository Safes.
  • Simple yet durable black or light and dark grey enamel paint finishes.
  • Custom sizes and special configurations can be ordered to suit your specific needs upon request.

Note: All depository safes can either be Top Loading (with rotary hopper) or Front Loading (with depository door or an open slot with anti-fishing baffles).