Product Description

Kingdom USA labeled TL15 and TL30 burglary rated safes are the entry level safes for high risk residential and commercial establishments that need a strong burglary and fire protection safe with the UL label mark. These safes are commercial grade, heavy duty units that are widely accepted by jewelers, banks, gold dealers, medical cannabis dispensaries and proprietors who want the best protection for their business, treasured belongings and commercial inventory. The Kingdom USA TL15 and TL30 burglary rated safes are generally the first safes to consider for those seeking insurance coverage capabilities for their high dollar value inventory.

The First Security Safe Kingdom USA TL15/TL30 labeled safe is the perfect safe if you need a great US Made UL Rated Tool Resistant safe for burglary protection. A tough safe with enough weight and tool resistant strength to challenge modern day attacks, these safes come in 8 models- each with the following standard specifications:

  • Door and Body: Overall door protection of 5¼” thick constructed of massive exterior hard plates and 3½” body enclosed by a composite mixture of amalgamated material called Super Secura consisting of strong reinforced concrete with steel nuggets with high density fire retardant material surrounding the whole door and body for maximum tool resistance and 2- Hour fire protection.
  • Lock: Standard equipped with a Heavy Duty UL Listed S&G Group II High Security Changeable Combination Mechanical Dial Lock which is protected by a massive drill shattering hard plate on the door with two additional spring loaded relocking devices and a Punch Resistant Dial Spindle. Optional Auxiliary Electronic Key Pad Lock or High Security Keylock is also available.
  • Bolt Work: Comes with Standard Locking Mechanism with 6 to 10 – 1½” diameter solid chrome plated locking bolts and spring operated bolt detent system with optional three-way bolt work for even more security.
  • Kingdom USA safes can be equipped with a High Security Electronic Digital Key Pad Lock for faster and easier yet reliable operation.
  • Great looking Stainless Steel Fascia Plate on the Door that signifies Kingdom USA’s quality standard.
  • Includes standard 1 to 4 Interior Adjustable Shelves depending on the model with nice interior finish.
  • Various sizes to choose from with an attractive high quality textured paint exterior finish, Heavy Duty Door Handle and Three-Spoke Chrome Lock Handle.
  • Large heavy duty steel block hinges with self lubricating ball bearings for smooth and easy repeated open/close action during operation that will last for years.
  • Doors are removable to accommodate heavier safes when moving to an upper level high rise building with weak elevator capacity.
  • All models come in either UL TL15 and TL30 ratings.