Product Description

The Responder Series Burglary & Fire Safe is a heavy duty yet compact safe designed more specifically for private homes, apartments, townhouse units as well as small businesses. Like the Responder Commercial Series, they provide more than adequate burglary and fire protection but come in smaller sizes hence perfect for residential and small business use not in need of TL Rated protection but still looking for advanced security. Currently offered in two compact sizes both too heavy to be maneuvered by hand without specialized equipment they are great safes for personal use due to higher weight and increased drill resistance. They have either high security electronic keypad or combination dial locks that are both easy to operate and come pre-manufactured with a convenient anchor hole in surface of the safe and thus can be bolted to the ground for added security.

Heavy duty and functional, TLSafeco’s Responder Series Burglary Safe have a balance of strong burglary resistance and fire protection. This series comes in two models at the moment with standard features consisting of the following:

  • Solid constructed door and body of 1″ to 1½” thickness of outer and inner heavy gauge metal clad plates encased in a protective layer of fire resistant concrete material for maximum burglary and 1- Hour fire protection.
  • Solid 3/4″ chrome plated active steel bolts with efficient and reliable bolt work mechanism.
  • Both models come in either Combination Mechanical Dial or Electronic Key Pad Locking System.
  • Door Comes Equipped with Stainless Steel Fascia and Tri-Spoke Chrome Handle with Heavy Duty Lubricated Hinges.
  • Smooth interior finish with adjustable steel interior shelving.
  • Comes in light brown/dark tan flat enamel paint finish.
  • Pre-Manufactured Anchor Hole for Optional Surface Mounting.
  • Both models have conventional sizes that are a great fit for residential and office use.