Product Description

If you are starting a family, just purchased or moved into a new residence or just beginning to accumulate valuable assets and want to protect those items from possible theft and fire with an economic safe that is not expensive but still delivers a good amount of protection then look no further. Our Responder Series Fireproof Safes are great to secure important documents, records, personal jewelry and small amounts of fast cash without going over budget. Our 100C model is our smallest entry level safe that comes in “microwave” size, can be hidden easily inside closets, has one-hour fire resistant protection and can be bolted down for added security. Additional models come in wider and vertical configuration with bigger interior capacities and are all provided with dual lock features. Locking configuration can either be a combination mechanical dial or electronic keypad operated together with a high security key locking system. The electronic lock version has the convenience of faster operation and combination can be easily changed with no professional assistance and has an override key that acts as a back-up in case of emergency. The Responder Series Fireproof Safe line is very affordable and has great convenience of use for a variety of different applications.

First Security Safe’s Responder Series Fireproof Safes are an economic lighter duty line of safes (come in microwave size and slightly larger sizes) that are capable of protecting your important documents and more moderate dollar amount of valuables from the threat of unexpected fire or burglary. Keeping small amounts of fast cash for unexpected emergencies is important for all. Specifications of these economically priced user friendly safes are summarized as follows:

  • Built with 1¼” thick door and body consisting of a mixed blend of strong, light grade sheet metal cladding outer walls and inner shell body of fire resistant insulated composite material.
  • One and Two Hour Fire Resistant Protection Depending on Model
  • Equipped with Dual Locks of either a Combination Mechanical Dial Lock and Key or an Electronic Key Pad Lock with Both Auxiliary Key and an Override Key Feature. *Note that the safe cannot be opened without the key meaning key usage is a must to open the safe.
  • The Door has Active Side and Top Bolts with deep recessed edges for maximum locking action.
  • Doors are removable from hinges for easy door removal in case a preventive door maintenance is required.
  • Dark textured exterior paint finish with adjustable shelves and pull out storage trays.
  • Can be provided with Anchoring Hole usually at the bottom for optional bolt down upon customer’s request.

Note: Responder 300 & 400 Models come standard with wheels. However, wheels can be removed permanently upon customer’s request reducing the total external height by 2″.

Models ending in C denotes safe equipped with Combination Dial Lock.
Models ending in E denotes safe equipped with Electronic Keypad Lock.