Product Description

First Security Fireproof Safes are perfect for any home or business owner concerned primarily with the risk of fire. Please ask yourself, is your personal property or important business related paperwork protected from the threat of fire? The deed to your home, family birth certificates, marriage certificates, insurance papers, emergency cash and many other important items must be protected in the event of a fire. Let a fireproof safe from First Security help you make sure that your paper bound life is not reduced to ashes in case of a house fire. Our fireproof safes come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any open space in your house. First Security Fireproof Safes offer homeowners both the dial combination lock option and the more advanced electronic locks with a convenient key override option. First Security Fireproof Safes can be found in both 1 or 2 hours fire resistant rating depending on the model size. That’s serious protection for those items that you and your family would not want to live without.


First Security Fireproof Safes offer a variety of options and different sizes to fit your every need. Although they have exceedingly high fire resistant capability, they can also deter average burglars with their high level of protection which comes with the following features:

  • Composite construction consisting of rigid 1¼” to 2″ thick solid door and bonded exterior and interior walls of commercial grade metal sheets reinforced with proprietary fire resistant inner shell that also offers a non-rated burglary protection.
  • Comes in equivalent UL Class 350 fire rating of one and two hour fire and impact protection at 1,550 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Equipped with Dual Locks, a combination of either a Combination Mechanical Dial and Key or an Electronic Key Pad Lock and a Regular Key with an Override Key System.
  • Durable Chrome Plated Live Bolts with deep recessed bolt housing and Tapered Door Sides to deter Prying attacks.
  • Comes with One to Three Adjustable Shelves, Tray and a Lockable Drawer (this feature depends on the model selected)
  • Simple dark textured exterior paint finish with nice smooth interior.
  • Taller sizes starting from 28″ and above come with wheels (which are permanently removable if needed) for ease of repositioning. This is a great feature for an office which may be constantly moving the safe from one location to another provided the suite has security alarms and the building has 24-hour security guards.

Note: For Model B2819 and above, total height includes the wheels. Removing the wheels will lower the total height of the safe by about 2 inches.