Product Description

When it comes to your business and the vital protection of petty cash, important paperwork, files, photos and other valuables, a fire-resistant safe is the best protection for your office, store, or operation. First Security’s fire resistant business safes are built specifically and tailored according to equivalent UL standards and come in different sizes and interior capacities making them a very versatile and effective defense against the threat of both fire in addition to theft. First Security Fire Resistant Business Safes are independently tested to ensure that their interior temperature stays far below specified temperatures for each safe. As a company specializing in security and protection, First Security prides itself in providing fire resistant safes of the highest quality that also test the patience and skills of the most experienced burglars. With a large selection in stock at all times- your business’ security and fire protection needs are sure to be met at First Security Safe Co.


A First Security Fire Resistant Business Safe is a vital investment of every office or business venture. Knowing that your important documents and records are safe from fire and unauthorized access gives more cost benefit to your company and covers the potential expensive and time consuming risk of loss. Standard features of First Security’s Fire Resistant Business Safes are listed below:

  • Rigid 1¼” to 2″ thick composite doors and walls of high grade metal plates encompassing a thick layer of highly resistant fireproof inner shell insulation that also offers burglary protection.
  • Equipped with Dual Locks, a High Security Combination Mechanical Dial and Key or an Electronic Key Pad Locking System with a Standard Key and an Override Key that are both easy to operate.
  • Durable Chrome Plated One-Way and Two-Way Live Bolts and High Quality Bolt Work System.
  • Comes with One to Three Adjustable Shelves, Tray and a Lockable Cabinet (this feature depends on the model selected)
  • Simple dark textured exterior paint finish with nice smooth interior.
  • Larger sizes comes with wheels (which are permanently removable if needed) for ease of repositioning. Very handy for offices which may be constantly moving the safe from one location to another (great feature for offices that are on suite levels of highly secured/guarded buildings and structures).