Product Description

For years, the ISM brand has become synonymous with superiority when it comes to safes and the Super Treasury is a genuine UL labeled TRTL- 30×6 rated safe known in the industry as one of the most dependable, reliable and prestigious safes in the world. These safes have become the sought after first line of defense by diamond and precious stone jewelers, pawnshop owners, banks, gold dealers and those that need their inventory to be insured because of their strength, durability and highest quality in the industry. The ISM Super Treasury TRTL30X6 rated safe represents the epitome of modern day protection that has evolved from years of experience in safe engineering technology to challenge the most advance and sophisticated burglary attacks used in today’s modern world.

At First Security Safe Co. we are proud to be one of the few selected safe retailers in the country to have the opportunity to partner with and import the highly sought after ISM Safes directly from the manufacturer – ISM Magen Goldmann Safes of Israel. We have brand new stock of ISM TRTL30X6 Super Treasury Safes in our showroom with different sizes and interior capacities that can cater to your every need at very competitive prices.

A unique and superior safe in its own league, the ISM Super Treasury is widely considered as the gold standard of high security TRTL30x6 safes being produced today and one of the strongest and toughest safes available in the market. ISM has developed their patented defense barrier material called Alchronite, a highly torch and tool resistant material cast-in-between hardened steel alloy plates to form a one-piece multi-grid monolith construction throughout all sides that is impervious to heat and is proven to withstand modern day burglary attempts like torch, flux, drilling and cutting tools and explosive attacks. Consider these impressive specifications:

  • Massive overall door thickness of 7″ and 3″ thick solid body consisting of outer and inner continuously welded hard steel plates and sophisticated inner composite barrier material called Alchronite in between that acts as a protective armor against burglary and fire.
  • U.L. Group I Manipulation Proof High Security Mechanical Combination Dial Lock (Designed to Defeat Attacks by Automatic Dialers) and High Security 9-Lever, Double-Bit Key Locking Device as a second lock.
  • Protection from Attacks on All Sides with Interlocking Three-Way Bolt work with evenly spaced 1½” diameter heavy duty chrome plated solid steel bolts that sits deep in the bolt housing.
  • Equipped with Multiple Randomly Placed Relocking Mechanisms that act as multiple additional locking devices when triggered for added defense against brute attacks.
  • 2- Hour Fire Resistant Protection with Insutex, ISM’s superior fire insulation material.
  • New models with Well Designed Outside Dimensions Tailor Fit to Allow Safes to Pass Thru Standard Doorways and Tight Spaces.
  • Have Adjustable/Removable Steel Shelves for different interior settings.
  • Heavy Duty Door Handle with Three-Spoke Capstan Lock Handle and a Stainless Steel Door Fascia Plate for a shiny, clean look.
  • Body Weights were improved and has Removable Solid Steel Block Hinges that allow Larger Models to be transported through elevators more easily.